Our name change - 'IWAWS' to 'Runnymede Muslim Society'

As those of you who attend Jummah will know, we are now officially known as 'Runnymede Muslim Society', and no longer 'IWAWS'.

Our new email address is info@runnymedemuslims.uk

This change introduces a new constitution, committee, trustees, website and logo. InshaAllah we pray these will help bring about a new and successful era for our community.

Our Jummah, Ramadaan and community activities will all continue as usual under the banner of 'Runnymede Muslim Society', and so of course will our search for Musjid premises.

InshaAllah we will strive to make improvements wherever possible, but if you have any suggestions of what we should be doing more of (or less of), we actively welcome your feedback. Please use the 'email us' form.

Runnymede Muslim Society