Upcoming online events


Recurring Online Events

  1. Thursday - Tafseer Al-Quraan
    When -
       OnThursday, at 6:00pm (BST)
    Presenter -
    Dr. Husni Hammuda
    Where - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq2Z3Bp8_9PWV0GH0VTOQdA
    Previous Recordings are available from http://bit.ly/Tafseer-Al-Quraan
  2. Friday - Jumaa Reflection
    When - On Friday at 11:30 AM (BST)
    Title - Jumaa Islamic Reflection
    Presenter Dr. Husni Hammuda
    Previous Recordings are available from https://bit.ly/RMS-KBJR

  3. Saturday - Saturday Halaqa or Quran Circle
    When - On Saturday at 07:30pm (BST)
    Title - Tafseer Quraan
    Presenter - Essam Mahgoub
    Where - This will be streamed from the Stoke Poges Mosque YouTube account on https://www.youtube.com/JMICSlough